Page Plus is NOW 4G LTE as of October 2nd, 2014!



It is official!  Page Plus is NOW 4G LTE as of October 2nd, 2014.  ALL monthly plans will be available for 4G devices and at 4G LTE data speeds.  Plan prices remain the same.  3G service is also still be available for ALL plans.  Upon activation (either through a port request or a New Number Activation), the Page Plus system will detect your device type (either 3G or 4G) and assign the correct service accordingly (either 3G or 4G).  You will be REQUIRED to purchase a Page Plus branded 4G SIM Card.  They are available for order NOW.

3G devices do NOT need a SIM card!

If you have a compatible 4G device, please wait until you receive your SIM Card in the mail to activate it.

As mentioned before, you will be REQUIRED to purchase a Page Plus Branded 4G LTE SIM Card.  We have them available for order here.  Once activated, this 4G LTE SIM card can be moved to any other compatible CDMA 4G device, and your service will automatically start on that device.  NO MORE ESN Changes!  Just remove your SIM, put it into the new device, and your done!  You will need to do an initial ESN change to your Page Plus 4G LTE SIM card number, but after that, there is no need for an ESN change unless you are switching back down to a 3G device.

Order your Page Plus 4G LTE SIM Card Today!

All 4G phones that have been "flashed" to work on Page Plus may need to be "un-flashed" to obtain 4G speeds (do NOT unflash a foreign device).  A factory RESET will NOT work! 

Now, for the bad news - starting October 5th, 2014, Page Plus will *block* ALL non-compatible CDMA devices (now referred to as "foreign" devices).  That means that devices from Alltel, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, etc. will NO Longer be allowed on the Page Plus Network. Existing users of these devices will be "grandfathered-in," meaning you will get to keep your "foreign" device on the network as long as you want.  However, if you take this device off the Page Plus Network for any reason, it will NOT be allowed back on the network. 

We will no longer activate "foreign" devices on our website as of October 5th, 2014! 

Starting October 1st, 2014, Page Plus will NO LONGER gives $2.00 free to newly activated devices, so you would need to purchase a monthly plan or a Pay-as-you-go plan to even test your device on the Page Plus Network.

All compatible CDMA 3G and 4G devices will work on Page Plus. 

4G LTE SIM Card(s)

First things first!  Order your Page Plus 4G LTE SIM Card for your compatible 4G LTE phone.  Wait to receive it before proceeding to the next step.

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