Refund Policy


Last Revised:  29th October 2015

We, at, are committed to customer satisfaction.  Our return and refund policy is as follows:

Communicate with us!  It sounds simple, but many people don't let us know that they are having a problem with a Refill PIN or SIM Card purchase.  Please don't stay mad at us!  Tell us what issue(s) you are having, and we will do our best to resolve your problem.  Communication is a key component to resolving any issue that may arise.

At, our refund policy is simple.  We offer prepaid cellular service as well as prepaid 4G LTE SIM Cards. 

First, as the name implies, prepaid cell phone service is paid UP FRONT, and usually covers 30 to 31 days of cell phone service.  There are NO REFUNDS once the service has bundled to your cell phone number. 

Second, partially used service (otherwise known as "Proration") CANNOT be refunded for any reason.  There is just no way to extract the unused portion of the plan, and therefore, NO refunds can be issued after your service has been applied to your Page Plus account.  Remember, once the service has bundled to your cell phone number, there is NO WAY TO REFUND IT.

Items that are shipped (SIM CARDS)  If the SIM Card is unused, you can return it for a FULL Refund.  Please Contact Us for the return shipping address.

Unfortunately, USED items CANNOT be returned for a refund.

In the event that Page Plus (also known as the "Service Provider") ceases operations or otherwise experiences service disruptions (either intentionally or through no fault of their own), will in no way be held liable for unfulfilled service obligations or commitments.  This means that if Page Plus's services are temporarily interrupted, severely restricted, or even terminated completely (the "event"), NO refunds will be issued for unused or partially used portions of service. is an intermediary agent, and NOT the actual service provider.  All claims arising from service disruptions or outages, whether temporary or permanent, will need to be taken up with the Service Provider directly.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL WE, OUR SUBSIDIARIES, OR OUR EMPLOYEES BE LIABLE FOR UNFULFILLED CELLULAR SERVICE, LOST PROFITS OR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SERVICES OF Page Plus, THE SERVICES OF OUR OTHER PROVIDERS, OR OUR WEB-SITE (HOWEVER ARISING, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE).

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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