Discount Club or Auto Refill? - You Decide

Discount Club Purchase - NO Minimums!

  - 5% Discount

  - Credit Cards are NOT accepted for the Discount Club

  - Individuals are welcome!

  - PIN's are delivered instantly onscreen 24/7,
    holidays and weekends included!

  - We do NOT draft your account - therefore, none of your bank
    information is required

  - "Push" money to us only when you need a PIN - and retrieve it
    instantly anytime of the day or night using our automated system!

Discount Club

Auto Refill (using a Credit Card)

  - Have your Page Plus Service refilled each month automatically!

  - NO Discount

  - Just set it up once and we handle the rest!

  - All Major Credit Cards Accepted -

  - You can cancel Auto Refill anytime

  - Make changes anytime (change credit cards, change plans, etc.)

  - For more information, please read our
     AutoPay Frequently Asked Questions

Sign Up for Auto Refill!

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